What is this project about? artiselsewhere is meant to be a space that shares views on developments within and outside the art context. The motivation behind this project is the belief, that our contemporary society is in need of progressive and decentralized spaces, that step out of the closed-circuit systems of classic institutions. The project aims to renegotiate the future by examining past and present developments through a critical discourse. In its function as a medium of reflection on social and environmental upheavals, art has the power to uncover oppressing power structures and lead to social change. Just like the name suggests, artiselsewhere hence wants to be a space that tries to embed art and its critical discourse in a social, technological, and environmental context. Art might be the object of the art world and art institutions but the place its power unfolds is elsewhere, that is to say, in the womb of society itself.

How does artiselsewhere try to initiate such a discourse? The project invites interdisciplinary working artists, authors, and critical minds to submit essays, reviews, poems, and art projects. artiselsewhere wants to be a point of intersection by providing a network for interdisciplinary approaches. The goal is to talk about art, culture, technology, and social developments, and to present new perspectives. Everyone is thus invited to submit works they esteem to be relevant objects of investigation.

Please note that artiselsewhere is a non-commercial and non-profit project that functions via voluntary work and a shared passion for art and its critical discourse. Published essays, reviews, and exhibitions will by no means generate any monetary profit.

Submission guidelines

You may send ideas, proposals, or complete drafts and works to endoboy@protonmail.com.

Drafts or proposals for essays, reviews, and poems can be submitted in English, German or French. Proposals for essays should contain a 400-word abstract and a short 50-word biography.

Reviews should mainly focus on exhibitions or books but can include other relevant objects like websites or platforms if explained why they are of interest.

Please note that the submission process can be long and it can take some time for us to respond. We will contact you once the process is over and inform you about a potential publication of your work.